Why #doppa2020 ? What is your reason to be a part of #doppa2020? Is it Kibana and Grafana : Data Visualization and Reporting

Here is 3rd reason to be part of #doppa2020 : Data Visualization and Reporting using tools like Kibana and Grafana

#Doppa2020 has a session and workshop each on these, the most in demand tools – Kibana and Grafana. Have you experimented with these tools yet ? If not #doppa2020 session and workshop will help you take a plunge.

Please do not miss to attend sessions on Kibana and Grafana while you are attending #doppa2020, because there are plenty more areas to learn as well.

Here are the details about the session and workshop

Hope you can find more reasons soon, if you don’t we will be pushing what we think might give you a reason enough to be a part of this DevOps Conference.

For the latest schedule please check out the schedule page.

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