#doppa2020 welcomes TESTSAGE as a sponsor

#doppa2020 is proud to welcome TESTSAGE as our sponsor.


Majority of modern software development organizations aim to achieve frequent deployments. Many implement advanced devops processes and tools in development and operations, however testing remains the biggest bottleneck of a software development lifecycle. In an ideal world with successful continuous delivery and quality, teams need to be committed to running many different tests, both automated and manual, continually throughout the delivery process. Due to the challenges many organizations fail to benefit from the Continuous Testing process due to various challenges.

Some of the common challenges being faced in continuous testing are :

  • Lack of Effective Test design techniques/approaches and coverage.
  • Test Automation velocity not inline with features being implemented in an agile environment.
  • Effective usage of Test Automations due to frequent application changes.
  • Test data and environment management and
  • Test orchestration

TESTSAGE an AI driven cloud based Test Automation platform for Continuous Testing has been designed to address the challenges faced in effective Test Automation Implementation in Agile and DevOps.

Some of the salient features of TESTSAGE are :

Key Value propositions of TESTSAGE –

Data points from a Recent Project :

#doppa2020 which is one of the largest #DevOps virtual summit is proud to get associated with such a wonderful organization, led by extremely technical and smart experts. We are sure that their services will come in handy by all the organizations who want to venture into uncharted #DevOps territories or for all those organizations who want to get their #DevOps journey back on track.

If you want to support #doppa2020 as a sponsor, please do get in touch with us.

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