#doppa2020 welcomes Valuable Consulting as a sponsor

#doppa2020 is proud to welcome Valuable Consulting as our sponsor.

About Valuable Consulting:

They are an exciting valuable practitioners hub providing consulting services on IT enterprise needs, QA transformations, FTE Hiring, Staffing services and skills development initiatives in the organizations including industry readiness programs for fresh talent at engineering colleges.

This is indeed valuable platform for consultants/subject matter experts to come forward, demonstrate, excel and showcase their massive industry experience through providing valuable consulting services to individuals and clients looking to grow and stay competitive in this exciting world we are in. This would also mean SMEs from industry handholding our young friends at colleges on bringing latter up to speed on industry expectations and needs, as part of Industry readiness program. We help clients and individuals bringing in transformations in everything they do today for better tomorrow in the current world of digital transformations.

They take up short term consulting engagements addressing customer challenges those probably hindering day-today deliverables. Their virtual consulting pool of experts cater to the industry needs in the areas of test automation, test advisory leveraging our assessment framework D3O, quality engineering, DevOps, Agile initiatives including SAFe Agile aspects, BCP and DRP for organizations, ISMS, Risk assessments, GDPR, so on.

They partner with various organizations providing time and cost-effective permanent staff talents including staffing engagements such as C2H. They support all domains in IT arena in terms of FTE hiring and staffing. Skills we have hired, and are hiring at the moment include skills DevOps, SREs, Data engineers, Java, .Net, c#, full stack engineers, React native, JavaScript, Nodejs, QA, Test Automation Architects, Platform dev, US Payroll, L and D head, Helpdesk, Network engineers, Channel Sales, Plant managers, SDETs, Platform engineers, and list will go on.

Corporate training is a big competitive advantage for any business. It will not only help employees in their career but it will also have a big impact on customer business in the long run. They have strong network of SMEs in training space on various topics. Indicative topics include DevOps Foundation, IoT, Selenium, Android foundation, Java, C++, Web UI, Python, AI/ML overview, ISO 27001, BCP/DRP drafting, GDPR and implementations, BDD, SDETs program, Personality Development, Leadership trainings/coaching, SAFe Agile, Soft skills and fresher’s induction. We also deliver trainings to various engineering colleges as part of industry readiness program (ICE360 – Industry Connect and Empowerment 360).

#doppa2020 which is one of the largest #DevOps virtual summit is proud to get associated with such a wonderful organization, led by extremely technical and smart experts. We are sure that their services will come in handy by all the organizations who want to venture into uncharted #DevOps territories or for all those organizations who want to get their #DevOps journey back on track.

If you want to support #doppa2020 as a sponsor, please do get in touch with us.

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