#doppa2020 welcomes BrioZing as a sponsor

#doppa2020 is proud to welcome Briozing as our sponsor. BrioZing specializes in the area of advanced DevOps, Product Development and Test Automation.

About Briozing

BrioZing is a lean & agile company that helps enterprises and emerging startups to Build, Deploy, Test & Scale business-critical solutions. Engineers at heart, BrioZing team put out heads together to solve any business problems using code.

What Briozing has achieved so far

BrioZing provides specialized and tailor-made solutions as per your organizational needs in the areas highlighted below:

Advanced DevOps

  • Continuous Software Delivery
  • Continuous Monitoring and Alerting
  • Migrating from data centers to various clouds
  • Custom made CI/CD pipelines. Agnostic of cloud providers
  • Infrastructure cost optimization
  • On-demand Infrastructure spin up
  • Hybrid Cloud solutions

Product Development

  • Java, NodeJs, ReactJs, Python expertise
  • Breaking monolith to micro-services to handle scale

Test Automation

  • Automated API testing
  • Automated Mobile Apps & Browser testing
  • Setting up in-house mobile device labs
  • Integrate with cloud device labs
  • Continuous Testing ecosystem for Production Monitoring

#doppa2020 which is one of the largest #DevOps virtual summit is proud to get associated with such a wonderful organization, led by extremely technical and smart experts. We are sure that their services will come in handy by all the organizations who want to venture into uncharted #DevOps territories or for all those organizations who want to get their #DevOps journey back on track.

If you want to support #doppa2020 as a sponsor, please do get in touch with us.

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