#doppa2020 – Round 2 Submissions Update

The evaluation and the final selection of speakers is on the verge of completion

Jury is working on final evaluations of the Round2 submissions.

The Jury have also been conducting ZOOM calls with the Authors (with whom there was a need to get more information).

If you are an author and there is a request for a zoom meeting, we request you to please do the call as soon as you can.

Here are some important updates with regards to #doppa2020

  1. Final notification mails will be sent on Monday (13th April 2020) – hopefully.
  2. The team plans to publish first tentative schedule hopefully by Wednesday (15th April 2020)
  3. One more important update for #doppa2020 is on the anvil – Stay tuned.

Keep watching this space !

Till then, stay Home; stay Safe, Happy Learnings

Please also watch out for lot of interesting webinars,events and meetups on the following URL

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