DevOps++ Global Summit 2020 #doppa2020 welcomes Sujay Asre as our esteemed speaker

We would like to Welcome Sujay Asre as our esteemed speaker for DevOps++ Global Summit 2020 #doppa2020

Sujay will be taking an Interactive Session on  Implementing a Design Thinking to Microservices Architecture – Track 1 on Day 1

Sujay Asre is a Developer Advocate with 12 years of software development experience. He is currently works as a hands-on Development Manager for Conversational Platform at Amadeus Software Labs, Bangalore. He is passionate about building Smart Omnichannel Chatbots, Reactive Conversational Platform and designing Microservices architecture. He frequently talks about these topics at many internal and external forums. He loves mentoring fresh graduates on these topics. When he is not at work, he is happy cycling away to good health amidst the Bangalore traffic. He has a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering degree from Government College of Engineering, Sangli.

We had posted some questions to Sujay as a part of his #ATAMyStory

1. Why do you think speaking at #doppa2020 really matters to you?

#doppa is unique in the fact that it brings together tech-savvy minds from across the globe to a single conference to discuss cutting edge technology. I think of this as a priceless opportunity to effectively communicate to the audience on topics that I am truly passionate about. doppa also gives me the golden opportunity to network with experts from around the globe and will also satisfy my ulterior motive to brush up on both my technical and soft skills through each and every one of you.

2. Do you think that organizations and individuals should promote virtual learnings special in the current situation?

Learning is a continuous and constantly evolving process. We are indeed blessed to have virtual learning infrastructures in place during this difficult period. Even during these uncertain times, we can easily expand our horizons, continue upwards on our career path all while gaining and sharing knowledge virtually. It’s a win-win situation! We can learn any new technology, any new skill while staying safely in the confines of our homes. Remember, as per the Theory of Evolution, it is the most adaptable species that survives.

3. While practice makes all of us perfect, share an everyday practice that has made things better for you at work

I truly believe in the “power of people”. An everyday practice that I follow is to ensure that I empower fellow team members to work towards their specific goals, be it work-related or personal. This in turn develops a holistic work environment which allows every team member to contribute to their fullest. Another practice which I truly believe in, is the incremental nature of work. We need to define small milestones and take things one at a time.

4. Anything else you want to share

I Strongly Believe in “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”.

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