Are you truly an explorer ? Do not miss a chance to explore #doppa2020.

#doppa2020 is inviting the explorer in you. Go explore one of the biggest DevOps conference happening on 27th and 28th of June. You can attend this conference from anywhere in the world.

True Explorer tickets are available for only 600 INR (+taxes) for both the day of the conference or USD 8/- only. This is actually ONLY 4 USD per day of wonderful sessions and learning packed workshops all delivered to you in your comfort. That is what makes this a truly amazing event

.The true explorer tickets will be offered to first 50 participants or until 30th April whichever is earlier.

Do not miss this super awesome opportunity to attend this 2 day conference at a price which may not last too long…..

Invite your friends and colleagues . Don’t even worry whether your organization is paying you for this conference or not..

Bring out the explorer in you NOW..

#doppa2020 Team

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