Abstract Submissions

Sr NoNamePhotoTopic NameCategory of Submission (Session / Workshop)
1Pallavi SharmaGit – SCM . Jenkins CI . App – Java , Testing tool – Selenium:
An Alice in Wonderland Journey into the world of DevOps
2Kushan Amarasiri How to Scale Selenium Tests in a Kubernetes ClusterInteractive Session
3Shrikant VashishthaHow much Test Automation is Enough and Why?Interactive Session
4Brijesh DebDevOps is great for IT but does DevOps work for OT?Interactive Session
5Tarun MainiInfrastructure Security from QA perspective in Devops TeamInteractive Session
6Tarun MainiChronology of Testing AI/ML ApplicationsWorkshop
7Manan VermaUsing Managed AWS Services to increase productivity at a scaleInteractive Session
8Inderpreet Kaur,
Vidhi Saxena

DevSecOps – The Secret Sauce behind a Wholesome DevOps PlatterInteractive Session
9Amruta DungarwalDevops on the Move: A Quantitative Report on Loadrunner-Jenkins IntegrationInteractive Session
10Ruban Kumar,
Suganya Srinivasan

DevOps Practice: Effective Data Distribution on Kafka Cluster to attain Low Latency and High throughput in Data Streaming Use CasesInteractive Session
11Sujay Sudhakar Asre Implementing a Design Thinking to Microservices ArchitectureInteractive Session
12Anil Kumar YadavInfrastructure as a Code: Reigning the Deployment PipelineInteractive Session
13Chirag NaikTest Automation Ecosystem for a Mesh of Micro-ServicesInteractive Session
14Chirag NaikMobile Apps Continuous Everything From Zero to HeroInteractive Session
15Kushan Amarasiri Elasticsearch and Kibana for Selenium Automation in DevOps EnviornmentInteractive Session
16Kushan Amarasiri Real time Grafana Dashboards for your test Automation in DevOps EnvironmentInteractive Session
17Karthick Sudhakar
Dhivya Asaithambi

“CloudBreak”- Break the Bigdata Infrastructure bottlenecks and Running Enterprise Workloads in the CloudWorkshop