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Keynote1 Day1

Impact of COVID-19 on DevOps and agile practices adoption - Vivek Porwal

Keynote 2 Day2

Key to successful Continuous Testing in 2020 - Avinash Tiwari

Panel Discussion Day1

DevOps beyond the obvious

Panel Discussion: Masa K Maeda (Moderator) Omar Fernandez Peter Merel Daniel Carbajal Richard Stevens Ashish Mishra

Panel Discussion Day2

Automation in CI/CD and its future

Panel Discussion: Sagar Bane (Moderator) Carlos Kidman Sune Engsig Mukund Wangikar Sneha Viswalingam Kumud Iyer

Day 2 : Keynote 1 : Senthil Loganathan

Day2 : Keynote 2 : MukESH Jain

Day2: Keynote 2 -> Data Driven Innovations - MukEsh Jain

Day 2 : Keynote 3 : Khimanand Upreti

Day2 : Keynote 3 : Continuous Testing and Lean QA : Khimanand Upreti

Day 1 - Singing Performance

Day 1 - Singing Performance by Chandrakala

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